Thin Brick

Our thin brick products, brand named “Real Thin Brick” is a great consideration wherever brick is to be used. Also, referred to as “thin brick tiles”, thin brick is the preferred building material by do-it-yourselfers and commercial building contractors alike. Our thin brick is kiln fired to temperatures over 2000°F and made to last a lifetime and is the ideal material for brick floors and walls.
Rustic Thin Brick Collection:
The Rustic collection offers thin bricks with rustic and antique detailing, these bricks have textured, weathered surfaces and tumbled edges. If you're looking for a colonial design style and bricks that mirror those over 100 years old, this collection is for you. This collection is perfect if you are looking for rustic brick veneer, rustic brick pavers or alternatives to rustic faux brick with lots of texture and character.
Elegant Thin Brick Collection:
The Elegant collection features thin brick tiles with more subtle texture and a smoother surface. These thin brick tiles have straight edges and a more modern, refined design, yet look over a 100 years old.

How do you want your thin bricks to look installed on your brick wall or brick floor?
Here are some popular options to choose from:

  *** Please note, pictures above are for color reference only. You can select the texture and size of your brick from the available Rustic Textured and Elegant Smooth options.
How our color mix options work:
Choose from the color mix options below or create your own custom color mix. For example, if you select the Ballard color mix, out of every 100 tiles you can expect that 40 tiles will be natural (no powders on surface of tile), 40 tiles with wood ash clay powder pressed into the tile surface, and 20 tiles with wood ash and charred black clay powder pressed into the surface.
  • Ravenna Thin Brick color mix: All 100% Natural color of the clay, some tiles might be darker than others depending on the tiles location during the kiln firing process.
  • Magnolia Thin Brick color mix:  50% of the brick tiles are natural tile variation and 50% have wood ash powder pressed into the brick tile surface.
  • Ballard Thin Brick color mix:  The most popular option. This will include 40% of the natural tile variation, 40% of brick tiles with wood ash clay powder and 20% with wood ash and charred black clay powder pressed into the brick tile surface.
  • Fremont Thin Brick color mix: This will include 33% natural, 30% wood ash, 20% wood ash and charred black clay powder, and 17% wood ash and white clay powder
  • Snohomish Thin Brick color mix:  100% of the brick tiles will be covered or partially covered with white clay powder to give the look of white chipped paint or whitewashed thin brick.
  • Georgetown Thin Brick color mix: 25% natural bricks, 25% wood ash and 50% wood ash with black clay powder
  • Your own custom Thin Brick color mix: You choose your own color mix variation. Just tell us what percentage of natural, wood ash, wood ash and black clay powder, wood ash and white clay powder, or white clay powder you would like on your tiles.

None of the above color options appeal to you? Make your own color mix combination. All orders are custom made to you so you can select exactly how the final look you'd like achieved. You can select what percentage of color your order should have between Natural (Ballard), wood ash powder, black clay powder and white clay powder. We also offer five different types of clay to choose from, from a rich red color to a dark brown. The options are limitless. 

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