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Flooring Thin Brick that is Antique, Custom, and Hand-made To Order

Masonry brick is distinguished and timeless. The color and texture creates a traditional, historical appearance that cannot be matched with any other building material. Real Thin Brick makes it possible for you to bring the traditional look of standard brick floor, to the interior or exterior of any home or commercial space with installation ease.


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Welcome to Real Thin Brick

Real Thin Brick products are brick tiles that are manufactured specifically for flooring, but can also be used on walls or anywhere your creativity allows. Our hand-made brick tiles are four times stronger than the ANSI standard for floor tiles. Because of their lighter weight and standard half inch thickness, our brick tiles can be used in places that can't support the weight or bulk of standard brick.

Since all of our brick veneer products are hand-made to order, we can help you achieve any design. Select a style you like from our two collections (Antique or Rustic), your preferred color variance, and finishing touches. Each brick is kiln-fired at 2200˚F, rendering a highly durable, vitrified product that is guaranteed to last a lifetime wherever it’s installed.

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Real Thin Brick - When authenticity matters

• Our brick tiles are specifically made for flooring
• All of our brick veneer products can be used by homeowners, contractors, and interior designers
• Every brick is made to order and can be installed by just about anyone
• We make our molds from real antique bricks, so you can achieve an authentic, traditional brick look
• Each thin brick is only 1/2 inch thick, so it can be used just about anywhere
• Contact us today for more information about our brick veneer products

Real Thin Brick tiles can be used in any structure, old or new, inside or out, offering flexibility and durability that rivals that of any other building material. Our thin brick tiles can be used anywhere standard ceramic tile is used, and once sealed are water and soil resistant.

Best of all, we will work with you to create custom brick flooring, brick wall coverings, or brick pavers, exactly to your specifications. Every brick veneer we manufacture is made to order, which means you can get the look you want for just about any application.

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How Real Thin Bricks are made

Every brick we manufacture is made from scratch. In order to create tiles that have an aged, authentic appearance, we travel extensively to find antique bricks that we can use to cast new molds, some of which are well over 100 years old. Once we find a mold we want to re-create, we use 100% clay compressed to 1/2 inch thickness and then fire it in our kiln at 2200˚F. This means that every brick is made individually and is given extra detail and care.


We use many molds for every style of brick tile we manufacture. This ensures that irregular qualities of real brick are mimicked perfectly when you install your brick tiles. In traditional masonry, minor misalignments subtly suggest the hand-made artistry unique to brick. Our custom process allows you to maintain this random appearance, even when working in larger areas as with brick flooring.

The natural look of our bricks is orange-red with brown undertones, owing its patina to the rich color of the clay we use. The texture of the brick mimics that of the sample from which the mold was made. We can even use different clay if you have a particular color preference. We can accommodate color requests, so be sure to ask us about clay variations for your custom brick veneers.

Another way we control the color of our bricks during the manufacturing phase is through the use of natural clay powders that act very similar to a glaze. We sprinkle these powders on each thin brick by hand, further differentiating the appearance of every tile. Further color variation is achieved depending on how close each brick rests to the flame within the kiln when being fired.

If you prefer a smooth brick surface, our Elegant Collection would be a good place to start your search. If you like a more worn look, our Rustic Collection offers the texture you're looking for.

These design and manufacturing practices makes it possible for you to choose a specific look for your bricks and have them made to order. You can choose a brick size, pick out a color, refine the tone and texture of each brick, and then lay them out in whatever installation pattern and technique that best suits your space.

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The benefits and advantages of using our custom made thin brick tiles for brick flooring

One of the biggest advantages to using our thin brick tiles is their lightweight structure compared to traditional brick. On average, each one of our tiles weigh between 7-12 oz as opposed to 4-5 lbs for one standard brick. Full sized bricks aren't practical for many applications, but brick tiles can be used over just about any surface, even on walls that aren't strong enough to support heavy brick.


Most brick veneer manufacturers cut full sized bricks to 1/2 inch thickness, which causes their products to become more fragile and brittle. This is especially problematic for brick flooring, which must be able to withstand the rigors of daily use.


Installing brick tiles is easy for anyone, even DIY enthusiasts

Our brick veneers are installed like any other ceramic tile, and just about anyone can do it with the right equipment and materials. You'll want to have the following supplies before you begin...

• Tile mortar or adhesive - We recommend using Laticrete's Platinum thin set mortar or Multimax for walls and ceilings
• Sanded grout with polymer like Poly Blend or Mapei Keracolor, or Epoxy Grout like Spectra Lock Pro Grout
• Notched Trowel
• Grout Sponge
• Bucket with clean water (for rinsing)

When it comes to selecting your grout color and type, it's important to consider where the brick tiles will be installed and what kind of traffic they will receive. Some grouts have antimicrobial agents that help prevent mold and mildew, and epoxy grouts should be considered when installing tiles in areas frequently exposed to water, like a bathroom or kitchen.

We don't endorse any one method of DIY brick veneer installation, each may have advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. No matter which method of brick installation you choose, we recommend working in small sections. For brick flooring, fill grout spaces full and use a damp sponge to pack the grout firmly into the spaces. If a little gets on your brick surface, you don't have to worry because it will add to the imperfect beauty of the overall installation. It can also be cleaned up before sealing the grout, if that is your preference.

We highly recommend sealing our tile before grouting to protect from staining. If the surface area is frequently going to be exposed to water, we recommend sealing the surface of your brick tiles overnight. You should also seal the grout once it has set. This will make cleaning your brick far easier, and also prevent mold and mildew.

Any member of our team can help guide you to various professional sources of information that you will undoubtedly find useful if you're going to conduct your own DIY installation.

5 - After Grout 2_edited.jpg

A special note about DIY indoor and outdoor brick flooring installation

For brick flooring that's being installed over an existing wood floor, we recommend the installation of a 1/4" backer board. If you are installing your brick flooring over cement, install the brick pavers directly on the floor. Apply tile using a thin set mortar with a tiling trowel to set each brick tile paver in place.

9 - Before Grout 1.JPG

Taking care of your brick flooring

Brick flooring made from our products will last a lifetime. However it is important to make sure our tiles are sealed and maintained properly to ensure ongoing durability and lasting appearance. Make sure to use ceramic or stone sealing products- these are also suitable for brick and brick flooring.

For the day-to-day cleaning of your brick flooring, sweep, dry mop, or vacuum the entire surface to remove any dirt or debris. Next, use a 1 to 15 part vinegar/water solution to mop your brick flooring, ensuring that you use a microfiber mop that is wrung out completely after being dipped in the solution.

For regular deep cleaning of your brick flooring, remove all debris, and then use a deep-cleaning solution of your own preference and follow the manufacturer's specifications. Make sure to use gloves, a mask, and ensure the room is well ventilated whenever using deep-cleaning chemicals on your brick flooring.

With proper care, our brick flooring products will maintain their look with a lifespan equal to that of whole brick.


Why choose Real Thin Brick tiles?

There are other products on the market advertised as "thin brick," but our products stand out for a variety of reasons.

  • All of our thin brick tiles are custom made to order

  • Every thin brick tile is unique

  • You choose the look, size, and color of your thin brick tiles

  • Our thin brick tiles are made individually and kiln-fired at 2200˚F for a lifetime of durability

  • Every tile is strong and vitrified, and they make a pleasing "clink" sound when you hit them together

  • A single thin brick tiles can withstand up to 900 psi of force, which is four times stronger than tile for flooring requirements

  • Unlike other manufacturers that cut full-sized bricks to half inch thickness, which makes them brittle and prone to fracture. At Real Thin Brick, we manufacture our brick tiles at half inch thicknes. This ensures high durability and strenght.

  • We use hundreds of weathered and textured molds from antique bricks, so you can always attain the perfect imperfections unique to brick

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Contact us today and find the perfect thin brick tiles for your home or office

Are you ready to turn an ordinary space into something truly spectacular? Once your brick veneers are installed, they will look like they've been there forever, instantly adding warmth and elegance to any area.

From an exposed brick wall to magnificent brick flooring, you can have it all. We happily work with contractors, interior designers, and DIY homeowners who understand the value of quality. If you have a specific request, we are eager to accommodate your particular needs. Contact us today for a free sample of our thin brick tiles, get a fast and free price quote, or if you have any other questions.

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