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Ordering Thin Brick Tiles - FAQs

Q: How do I order a sample of your brick tiles?
A: You can use our online store by clicking here. Or Call us at 206-399-4087

Q: What is your current turnaround from when I place an order?
A: Everything is made to order. Production lead time to make an order is 30-80 days, plus another 5-10 business days for delivery. In summary, you can expect to receive your order between 30-90 days from the date you place your order. Depedning on how busy our manufacturing queue is at the time you order.

We also offer an expedited option of 30-60 days, and an ultra expedited option of 20-30 days if you have tight deadlines and need the brick tile material before certain dates.

Q: Are your brick tiles sold by the piece or by the square footage?
A: We sell our brick tiles by the sqft.

Q: How much do your brick tiles cost?
A: It varies and depends on what style and quantity. For an accurate quote, please Call us at 206-399-4087 or email us and we'll be happy to provide you with a custom quote tailored to your specific order. You can also use our online store to get a quote here:

Q: How do I calculate how much sqft I will need?
A: To measure the square footage of your space, first, separate the space into parts that can be managed separately. Second, calculate the square footage of each part separately, usually by multiplying length times width. Finally, add the square footage of those separate parts to find the total sqft of the space. If you have a contractor, they will be able to calculate the sqft needed for you. We usually recommend ordering an extra ten percent to account for cuts, and breakage during the installation. Click here for more detailed instructions and images on how to calculate square footage.

Q: Do you sell the tiles sealed or finished?
A: We sell our brick tiles unsealed. We leave it up to our customer to use the type of sealant desired. The type of sealant used can make a big difference on the final look, it is therefore best this is an option selected by the customer once they install the brick tiles on their flooring or walls.

Q: Do you sell sealers?
​A: We don't. We are happy to provide you with the available options. You can also check our brick tiles Installation Guide page for a comprehensive list of sealers to use depending on the finished look desired.

Q: I love your tiles and I'm ready to order, how do I mover forward with placing my order?
A: Call us at 206-399-4087 or email us at or use our online store by clicking here.

​Q: Can I order grout or mortar with my brick tile order?
A: We don't sell grout or mortar. You can easily find it on your local hardware store like home depot or lowes. You would also save on shipping by getting them from your local provider as these items tend to be on the heavy side.

Q: How custom can I really make my order?
A: The sky is the limit! We also offer using different color clay if you would like a much darker look than our standard earthen red color clay we use. We use many powders as well and that can be custom to what you like.

Q: What clay color do you use to make your Thin Brick tiles?
A: By default we use our most popular color that is usually used on brick, which is the earthen red color.

Q: Can I request a different type of clay color than the one you use?
A: Absolutely! check out our other clay colors we offer. We currently offer five options of clay if you prefer a different color than we usually use as default. You can also Call or Text us or send us pictures of your desired look and we'll make a recommendation accordingly.

Q: Will you create custom thin brick tiles molds for my order?
A: We sure can.  Call us or email us for a free consultation on your project, we would love to discuss it with you.

Q: Can I request for some of my Brick tiles get stamped or engraved with my choice of stamp?
A: Yes. We offer stamping as many of your brick tiles as you'd like with anything you'd like. You can select one of our available stamps or send us your own. We can also make a custom stamp just for you.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?
A: We accept many forms of payments. Cash, personal checks, certified checks, PayPal all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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