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Brick floors: A superior flooring option

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The aesthetic appeal of natural brick has made it a popular and preferred building material for centuries for home building and residential renovations. Whether your home has old historic charm, traditional furnishings, or a more modern and casual appearance, brick flooring can be a welcome addition to just about any space.

Brick flooring tiles, commonly referred to as brick pavers

Allow for many customizable options. Not only can you choose the size of your brick tiles, but also the base color, texture, color mix, grout/mortar color, and finish/sealant. You can choose any number of installation patterns like the ones displayed at our Thin Brick photo gallery. There are hundreds of potential design options when working with our thin brick veneer tiles.At Real Thin Brick, we also offer our customers the option to imprint customizable stamps or designs into their brick tiles. This allows for a truly one-of-a-kind brick that leaves a lasting impression in your home. While hardwood and laminate flooring come in many different design options, since the materials are machine manufactured in large quantities they cannot be individually customized like our handmade thin brick tiles. The warmth and unique character of your brick tileswill be unmatched by any other flooring materials.

Benefits of installing thin brick floors

Another benefit to installing a thin brick floor is the easy installation. Our thin brick tiles are installed in the same manner as any other tile with an adhesive such as mortar. Once sealed, they are water resistant, although we recommend a sealant is applied every few years to ensure ongoing soil and water resistance. Brick flooring, when properly sealed, is less prone to water damage than real hardwood floor, making it a better option for both bathrooms and kitchen installations. The hard surface of brick material makes it easy to clean up dirt and wipe away spills. At the same time, the naturally variegated colors in brick will tend to disguise any imperfections or small stains that occur over time.

Thin brick tiles also make an economical option for most any flooring project. While the average laminate or hardwood flooring may be lower in price per square foot, brick flooring tends to outlast both of those flooring options. We are happy to share that the thin brick products offered by Real Thin Brick are kiln fired to temperatures over 2000°F and made to last a lifetime. When properly cleaned and maintained, brick floors can last several decades. Most laminate and hardwood floors will require replacement or refinishing to maintain the same appearance over the course of time. Brick floors will wear slightly over time, giving a subtle weathered or aged appearance that many customers feel adds to the character and charm of their floor’s design.

Another benefit of brick flooring is that it is naturally fireproof. If a fire were to take place in your home, brick flooring would help prevent the fire from spreading across the room. Brick is also resistant to any burn marks caused from accidentally dropping hot objects. By contrast, laminate and hard wood flooring options are not naturally fireproof. While some materials may be coated with fire-resistant sealants, they will not withstand a fire like brick flooring will.

At Real Thin Brick, our brick is comprised of 100% natural materials. Unlike hardwood, vinyl and laminate flooring that have been known to contain solvents and drying agents with many toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, aluminum oxide, phthalates, lead, cadmium.

Finally, brick makes a superior flooring option for homeowners, business owners and designers alike because it’s natural texture provides an inherent traction, even when wet. This slip-resistant surface is a safer option than many hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring options. Brick tends to maintain a moderate temperature year round, unlike other stone flooring options that tend to get cold in winter time. Brick also pairs well with radiant floor heating systems. Simply what is not to love about thin brick walls, floors, driveways, fireplaces… For more information about our thin brick and paving options, please visit our Thin Brick products page or you can contact us by phone 206-399-4087 or email

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