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Real Thin Brick - Our Handmade Thin Brick tiles vs. Cut Brick

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

When considering thin brick tile options, customers often wonder about the differences between Real Thin Brick’s handmade thin brick veneer and cut brick veneer made by other brick distribution companies. While both production methods yield veneer products for both indoor and outdoor wall, floor and ceiling projects, there are many notable differences between the two.

First, cut bricks vary significantly in durability and hardness. Many companies use a variety of standard bricks to cut into thin brick tiles, which results in inconsistency in the product’s durability. While less durable veneer may be used for wall installations, high strength and durability is essential for both indoor and outdoor flooring projects. At Real Thin Brick, our products are 4x stronger than the ANSI standards for flooring tiles. Because we machine mold our product in small handmade batches, we control the exact height of each brick and our durability is consistent brick-to-brick.

The cut brick manufacturing process often yields broken or weakened brick material. Some companies will still ship broken pieces as “reclaimed” product for homeowners and designers to slide together and use for installation. At Real Thin Brick, we would never expect our customers to install broken or weakened brick tiles and guarantee that our product will arrive safely intact. If for some reason our tiles are damaged in transit we will replace them no questions asked.

Another reason why our handmade thin brick tiles are the preferred option is because of their easy installation. Cut brick manufacturers often recommend a metal grid installation system which adds additional expense to any project’s budget. Our thin brick tiles are easy to install using mortar or grout, and many of our customers do the installation themselves using step-by-step instruction guides or Youtube videos.

Many customers are surprised to learn that cut brick are no cheaper in price than custom made thin brick tiles. By contrast, our tiles are handmade from 100% natural locally sourced clay, superior in durability, and are comparable in pricing to cut brick veneer. We also offer custom color mix options at no additional expense to our customers. Unlike cut brick veneer where customers have less control over their bricks’ color variance and texture.

For additional information about our brick tile options, please visit our Thin Brick products page. Feel free to email us at design@realthinbrick or call our main line.

Got questions? Call or Text us at 206-399-4087


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